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Originally published on Business Daily Africa, 2016.

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According to the 2017 Economic Survey by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics, the informal sector popularly referred to as Jua Kali accounted for 89.72 per cent of the 832,900 jobs created in 2016.

To put these figures into clear context, 747,300 jobs were created by the Jua Kali sector as compared to the 85,600 created by the formal sector.

Given that both the government and formal sector are unable to satisfy the 800,000 to one million jobs (World Bank, 2012) per year requirement to keep…

Mentor, Imarisha Mentoring programme, Kenya.

Mentoring has impacted how I perceive and interact with people. Initially I would impose my expectations on people I work with and interact with but this has changed and has allowed me to accept and allow people to set their own expectations then I act as a sounding board, and accountability partner. With this experience I have identified ways to clearly stipulate the goals for my team, and let them break it down and take them forward in their own way. Allowing others to be free with their execution, using their own creativity as long…

“I was at a conference when I heard a lady speak about the importance of mentoring. As I was just starting my business, I had already identified that I needed a mentor. So I went up to her after the conference and asked her if she would be my mentor.” says a young entrepreneur from Rwanda. “ But she declined. She was too busy. And this is not an isolated case: it is a constant barrier. We know we need mentors, we want mentors, but the people who would be good mentors to us, aren’t willing to dedicate the time!”

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Mentor, Oxfam OPTI Mentoring Programme.

“Mentoring is incubating the mentee in his emotions, his personal and professional needs, driving him into a better life,” Said Sabri.

Dr. Said Sabri is a mentor engaged in the Oxfam OPTI mentoring programme, a programme established to promote the economic contribution of small-scale agricultural producers, empowering them to create more income generating opportunities for themselves and their communities.

Dr. Said Sabri is a mentor engaged in the Oxfam OPTI mentoring programme, a programme established to promote the economic contribution of small-scale agricultural producers, empowering them to create more income generating opportunities for themselves and their communities.

He has a PhD in SME Development, is a lecturer, and has his own consultancy that supports entrepreneurs and…

Mentee, SANAD Lebanon Mentoring Programme.

“Mentoring to me is a support to those who cannot specify their goals and objectives; it’s the right guide for them to do so.” Abir Mazloum, Mentee, SANAD Lebanon Mentoring Programme

While many businesses have struggled to survive this year, Abir has been on a journey to transform her family business. It’s been a year of growth and discovery, one that has seen her develop a new profit line and increase her revenue, geographic reach and clients. “I joined the SANAD Lebanon Mentoring programme at a point when I was uncertain about the direction to…

Launched in March 2018, the MAVA Leaders for Nature Academy is developing leaders in the conservation sector, specifically supporting senior and young professionals from MAVA Foundation’s partner organisations. Delivered by Common Purpose and Mowgli Mentoring who are recognised and applauded experts in their respective fields, the Academy has four cohorts (one French-speaking and three English-speaking); two have graduated, one is currently ongoing, and applications for the fourth and final (English speaking) cohort were received on 5 November 2020.

In June 2020 we shared that, despite the unexpected interruption of the coronavirus pandemic, the Academy continued to maintain individual and group…

Country: Kenya

Mowgli Mentoring Programme: Imarisha Mentoring Programme

In July 2019, Facebook Developer Circles held a hackathon at the TechBridge Invest Hub Mombasa encouraging innovators to develop solutions to community problems using technology — the solutions had to be aligned to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs). As a third year Business Information & Technology student from Mount Kenya University, Abae Mohamed jumped at the opportunity. Applying what he was currently studying at the university and his passion to develop innovative solutions for his community, he emerged the best in the health-tech category. …

Drawing insights from the Kigali entrepreneurial ecosystem

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How can we increase the availability of quality mentors?, is a question we frequently get asked at Mowgli Mentoring. Mentoring programmes generally involve more seasoned entrepreneurs and corporate leaders supporting less experienced start-ups through the growth phases of their businesses. A strong culture of nurturing and supporting entrepreneurs through mentoring is often the sign of a more mature and collaborative entrepreneurial ecosystem, so nurturing the intergenerational flow of knowledge and connections that mentoring enables is critical to any ecosystem.

Participants reflect on the Imarisha Mentoring Programme

In 2019, we launched one of Mowgli’s biggest and most dynamic programmes, the Imarisha Mentoring programme across three counties in Kenya. Meaning strengthen in Swahili, the Imarisha programme aimed to support Nairobi, Kisumu and Mombasa based early and growth stage entrepreneurs to better structure, and develop their businesses with the support of experienced and locally trained mentors.

The programme came to an official end in September 2020, and with COVID-restrictions, we delivered a series of online graduations to celebrate the successes, reflect on the lessons learnt and officially welcome the Imarisha participants into…

THE NEXT SOCIETY Cohort 3 mentors

Three years ago we set off an exciting adventure under THE NEXT SOCIETY initiative to reinforce innovation ecosystems and foster the value created by innovators in the Mediterranean region. Our mandate? To train 120 mentors working in the innovation and entrepreneurship support space, and match 36 innovators with trained Mowgli Mentors. Fast forward to 2020, we’re excited to have officially trained 120 mentors and launched our final mentor-mentee cohort — the first within this project to have been trained and prepared online for the mentoring journey ahead.

As we kicked off cohort 3 of this programme, we asked our mentors…

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