Mentee Spotlight: Dalal Al Kabkabi

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Dalal Al Kabkabi and her team hold their SAR 5,000 prize. Picture credit — Nafisa Shams Academy

Entrepreneur’s name: Dalal Al Kabkabi

Business: Teko

Location: Saudi Arabia

Mowgli Mentoring Programme: Athar Mentoring Programme, funded by the King Khalid Foundation

Why did you join this programme?

I have developed a good relationship with my mentor Mohammad Khataan, he listens without judging and there is an exchange of knowledge from both ends.

“Mentoring to me is listening to each other without judging and exchanging experiences.” Dalal Al Kabkabi

Tell us about your business and your most recent achievement

We’ve delivered numerous training sessions for children across 9 cities in Saudi Arabia and when we came across the Nafisa Shams Academy and MITEF SAUDI Challenge for Creating Solutions in Social, my team and I felt we needed to go for it as we’ve had an impactful run so far. We therefore self nominated our organization — my team actually led on the pitching, and I only supported by answering questions that came from their pitch.

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“As a team we support each other. I attribute this achievement to team work.”

We made it to second place and won a monetary prize of 5,000 Saudi Arabian Riyal (approx. $1,250). I’m really proud of my team and their belief in what we do. They have taken this business to heart and you can see their commitment through the time dedicated to the pitch they delivered.

At Mowgli we often refer to mentors are cheerleaders and professional sounding boards. Dalal agrees and shares; “when we got the award, one of the first people I shared the good news with was my mentor and he was pleased. A mentor to me is someone who can help you to focus on your weakness and help you realize your inborn potential.”

Keep up with Dalal’s entrepreneurial journey by following her social media handles @Dalal_ENTR and @Teeko_IT on Twitter.

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