Alumni Spotlight. Dr. Said Sabri

“Mentoring is incubating the mentee in his emotions, his personal and professional needs, driving him into a better life,” Said Sabri.

Dr. Said Sabri is a mentor engaged in the Oxfam OPTI mentoring programme, a programme established to promote the economic contribution of small-scale agricultural producers, empowering them to create more income generating opportunities for themselves and their communities.

“I’m always eager to learn and look for opportunities to educate myself and learn new skills. Joining this programme gave me an opportunity to refine my coaching and mentoring skills using Mowgli Mentoring’s methodology. The training conducted in Ramallah was quite interesting. It provided reinforcement on the value of mentoring and exposed me to new concepts, specifically around differentiating coaching from mentoring, and what many perceive as mentoring.”

Like many of our participants, the year 2020 has presented many challenges for the mentor. For starters, he’s had to adopt an online delivery model within his practice and lectures. “I’ve only recently felt the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. Earlier in the year, we were not severely affected as we were quick to move our lectures and services online. However as of September, we have seen a drastic decline in demand for our services. I would say we’re operating at less than 80 percent of our usual business, with less demand for business consulting and training,” shares Dr. Said.



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Mowgli Mentoring is a specialist mentoring organisation which aims to unlock human potential which accelerates economic progress and social change.