Athar Mentoring Programme -Mentoring Reflections

Athar Mentoring Programme Kickstart Workshop
Munirah Alharbi Marzouqi, Mentee. Project: “Iatane”, provides training for differently-abled people
Ahmad Ghallab, Mentee. Project: Creative Minds, an online educational platform
Norah Fahad Alrasheed, Mentor and Operations Manager — Deem Al Manahel
Badr Al Yusef, Mentor and Engineer, Aramco
Dalal Al Kabkabi, Mentee. Project: Teko, guides children and parents about the safe use of electronic gadgets and technology.
Hasan Jabarti, Mentor and Entrepreneur

Mowgli Mentoring is a specialist mentoring organisation which aims to unlock human potential which accelerates economic progress and social change.