Safaricom Partners with Mowgli Mentoring to Strengthen its Female Leaders

We aim to build a human centric and inclusive leadership culture in the organization that gives equal opportunities to all and supports our employees to be at their best. Our Women in Leadership program supports our goal of achieving diversity in leadership. In addition it helps enhance capacity building for our women as we prepare the women leadership pipeline for the 50:50 senior management gender representation agenda by FY 2020,” Paul Kasimu, Safaricom Director for Resources, Safaricom

The magic behind Mowgli’s matching process, Safaricom Mentorship Program

Statistics show that over 70% of Fortune 500 companies have implemented structured mentoring in the workplace as part of their talent and organizational development strategies. Mentoring plays a critical role in the growth and success of individuals, regardless of their working context, as it provides a support system that empowers them to unlock both their professional and personal goals.

In Kenya, we recently kicked off a partnership with the leading telecom giant, Safaricom PLC to empower women leaders within the organisation and increase female representation within their senior leadership through mentoring.

“We are a perfect match, the matching process was almost scientific. I love and appreciate our match.” Josephine Ithau, Mentee, Safaricom Mentorship Program

This pioneering corporate mentoring program also works to support Safaricom’s 100% Human at Work initiative which seeks to create a workplace where employees can enjoy a sense of balance between their personal and professional desires, and are supported to unlock their potential and become the best versions of themselves.

“I just loved the authentic approach of the Mowgli Program!” Juliet Munoru, Mentor, Safaricom Mentorship Program

Read more about this corporate mentoring program, how we’re capacity building and empowering women by creating a strong pipeline of women leaders within Safaricom here.

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